Lock-Down Learning

Zoom learning

Our Dean Hey Business park is usually a hub for learning. Grow Tuition have turned unit 1B in to a colourful, friendly and resourceful classroom environment perfect for their learners who range from age 4 to 18.

Since mid March they have followed new government law and adapted their business pretty much over night. Grow realised the extra support they were providing to their students had become even more important due to school closures.

They have gone above and beyond their usual co-ordinated stucture and tutored groups and individuals online using Zoom and Google Classroom to bring a new era of home schooling.

Here to help

If you or anyone you know could benefit from a little educational help get in touch with Grow Tuition via email at hello@growtuition.co.uk to request any kind of online support, from Zoom to Google Classroom to assignment setting and marking. We know Sarah, Kathryn and Team Grow will be more than happy to help.