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Crafts In The Valley stands as a beacon of creativity and relaxation, offering a unique blend of textile and fused glass workshops for adults. Run by Melanie, an impassioned advocate for the arts, this oasis of creativity has been fostering artistic expression and skill development in a tranquil and inspiring setting for over half a decade.

A Space That Inspires

Upon arriving at Crafts In The Valley, located conveniently near Mytholmroyd train station, you’re immediately enveloped in the serene beauty that Melanie has chosen for her studio. The rural setting, emphasised by the lush landscapes and the changing seasons visible through the studio’s windows, serves not just as a backdrop but as a constant source of inspiration. Melanie’s choice of location, influenced by her desire for a space that combines ease of access with natural beauty, has proven to be a cornerstone of the unique experience offered to every workshop guest.

Workshops That Enlighten

Crafts In The Valley offers an array of workshops designed to ignite passion and creativity. From the intricacies of textile design to the vibrant world of fused glass, each session is a journey into the depths of artistry. Melanie’s approach is hands-on, ensuring that each participant receives the guidance and space needed to explore their creative potential fully. The workshops are more than just classes; they are experiences designed to leave participants feeling enriched and inspired.

A Community of Creatives

What sets Crafts In The Valley apart is not just the quality of the workshops or the beauty of the location, but the sense of community it fosters. It’s a place where like-minded individuals can come together to share, learn, and grow. The environment Melanie has cultivated is one of support and encouragement, where every guest feels valued and empowered to explore their creativity.

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Beyond The Studio

The impact of Crafts In The Valley extends beyond the physical space of the studio. Melanie’s dedication to her craft and her students has seen the business grow, allowing her to expand the space and welcome more guests. This growth has not only benefitted Melanie and her business but also the participants who leave the workshops with new skills, a deeper appreciation for the arts, and a renewed sense of calm and fulfilment.

A Testament to Passion and Creativity

Crafts In The Valley is more than just a workshop location; it’s a testament to Melanie’s passion for the arts and her commitment to providing a space that nurtures creativity and community. The glowing reviews from participants and the continued success of the business speak volumes of the positive impact Crafts In The Valley has on its guests.

Join Us

We invite you to experience the magic of Crafts In The Valley. Whether you’re looking to explore your creative side, find a new hobby, or simply enjoy the peaceful countryside setting, Melanie’s workshops offer something for everyone. Visit our website to discover more about our workshops and to book your spot in this unique creative haven.

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Video Transcript

My name is Melanie, and I manage Crafts in the Valley, an arts and crafts business that specialises in delivering workshops primarily to adults in textiles and fused glass. We relocated here about five or six years ago, having occupied a couple of different units since then. We discovered this location through word of mouth on Facebook and sought a local, rural setting with essential amenities, such as ample parking, due to the frequent visits we receive at the teaching space. The accessibility and rural charm of the location are ideal for our studio space.

Our workshop attendees consistently praise the setting, appreciating the easy parking and accessibility via public transport, with Mytholmroyd train station just a ten-minute walk away. The surrounding nature, including the hills and changing seasons observed through the trees on the site, significantly inspires the creative work I do.

Previously, I had to commute to Bradford for my old job. Now, whether I walk up to Thornber Business Park or drive along the track, I feel profoundly grateful to work in such a picturesque environment, rich in nature. Sightings of woodpeckers and deer in the fields contribute to a sense of calm and relaxation, which is vital for my work environment.

Having a unit at Thornber Business Park, positioned higher up in the valley, affords more light. Moreover, the location provides a sense of security, particularly against the risk of flooding. The provision of equipment and vehicles by Julian and his team ensures quick clearing of snow, enabling both myself and my workshop attendees to access the site even during severe weather conditions, eliminating any concern about accessibility.

The suitability of this space for my business has significantly contributed to its growth, transitioning from a relatively small venture to occupying a much larger space. This expansion has allowed me to welcome more workshop attendees, supporting the development of my organisation. Now, I can afford a larger, more comfortable space that enhances the professional image of my business. Many of my workshop attendees remark on the appealing grounds and the large windows offering views of the hillside. The value for money and the positive impact on my business’s profitability further affirm the benefits of our location.